Sa Mạc Thăng Tiến XXXVII

A part of my brain told me that I should be at the other camp, but my heart knew that this is the place where I belonged, where I needed to return to, and where God lead me to. As painful as it may have been to let go.



As I performed the semaphore message for HTDT, I was told to do it slower. “Slower? This is already slow!” I thought. Even my former less experienced students can get the message at the speed I was going at. However, I knew he was right. I had to go slower. I had to hold each letter longer than I was used to. I had to remember what letter came up next. I had to remember where in the message I was at.

And perhaps I should shift my lifestyle as well. I probably need to slow down, experience and enjoy each moment, and remember the bigger picture of the journey of life.

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