Rước Lễ blessing Drawing 2019

August’s Art Theme was Rước Lễ blessing.

Most of the time, we see Ãu Nhi or Thiếu Nhi crossing their arms around their chest for a blessing because they have not received their First Communion yet. However, we can also cross our arms around our chest when we are in a state of mortal sin and therefore, cannot receive communion. If you have not confessed your sins to a priest before Mass, then you can still receive a blessing from the priest instead of the Eucharist.

In my freshman year of college, I saw a seminarian receive the Communion blessing instead of the Eucharist despite the fact that I’ve seen him receive the Eucharist in previous Masses. I never forgot that moment. The image of someone older realizing their spiritual state and choosing to receive the blessing instead of the Eucharist stood out to me because it shows that they can truly humble themselves before God. To think “in my current state, I am not worthy enough to receive Jesus,” is something that not many people can think.

Initial rough sketch

Hence, this is why I decided to draw a Hiệp sĩ receiving the Communion blessing instead of the Eucharist, even though he is probably of age and have already received his First Communion. We can see his humility in action at this moment. We can also see how real the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist is because of the Hiệp sĩ’s action.

Because August is still Ordinary Time in the liturgical calendar, I decided to have the priest wear green. However, the background is purple because I wanted to remind viewers of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. When priests offer confession, they usually wear purple/violet vestments.  This is a reminder that this Hiệp sĩ needs to have confession before he can receive the Eucharist again.

Rough Sketch

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures as I worked on this drawing, but I did take some pictures of the rough sketches.


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