Trợ Úy Drawing 2019

This month’s theme for the VEYM DAC (Digital Assets Collection)/TNTT Arts Team is our beloved Trợ Úy’s.

I knew I wanted to include both a seminarian and a nun, so that’s what I did. I honestly procrastinated on working on this piece, but it ended up turning out not too bad! To be fair though, I did use a reference from the manga, One Pound Gospel. This manga eventually became an anime and had a live-action movie.

One Pound Gospel – Manga Volume 2 Cover

When you see a seminarian or a nun, they always seem to have this happiness and joy that no one else seems to have beside them. It is rather mysterious. Have you ever noticed that? I wanted to capture that feeling in my drawing. I had the nun close her eyes while she is holding her crucifix and the seminarian holding out a bible. She appears to be at peace while the seminarian is joyful that he is doing the Lord’s works. Also, Trợ Úy’s are full of faith and knowledge. We always turn to them when we have difficult faith questions and they always know more than we do.

Since I was rushing on this drawing, I did not have the time to take pictures of my progress, but here is rough sketch!

Rough sketch


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