10 years ago

Below is an excerpt from a journal entry from Saturday, October 3, 2009.

[…] At that moment, I couldn’t take it anymore and ran off. I ran around the church because I knew that I had nowhere else to run to. […] I stopped and cried behind the Sullivan Hall. After a while, I got tired of crying and ran to where the HTs originally were. They were all gone. A truck drove off and didn’t see me. Another car drove off, too. I thought there were no more cars left and I was stuck at the church when one last car spotted me. It drove and went in front of me. 

“Hey Thao, you okay?” It was the young HT, Anh XXXXX.

“No,” I answered. 

“Wanna get in the car?” he asked.

I didn’t answer and he said, “Get in the car.” So I did since the conversation wasn’t going anywhere.

I sat in there, crying. 

“It’s okay…” he said. 

Then he called Anh XXXXX and said, “I found her.”


“She ran back.”


“Haha, I don’t know. She just ran back”

“… Okay.” 

I sat there, crying until I got tired of it. We started talking and such for about 15 minutes. Then, he drove me home. 

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