A night conversation

We were talking about our past. What we used to do during our college days. Our clubs and activities. When you told me what you used to do, I was surprised that you ended up in your current profession. “How did you end up becoming a ________?” I asked, laughing. You directed the question back at me, referring to my current hobby. I continued laughing. It’s amazing how different we became in just a few years.

I thought about how I came to meet you. Our mutual friends and how that connection lead to us meeting. But what initially made me interested in meeting you was one of the most strange connections, which I never imagined. However, that person is gone from both of our lives and now there is just us.

I cannot help but wonder,

“Why did God plan for us to meet? 

What is your role in my life? 

Will you leave me with hope or hurt?” 

Only time will tell.

For now, I will just enjoy your presence.

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