Lễ Bổn Mạng 38 Đoàn TNTT Vinh Sơn Liêm

Lễ Bổn Mạng 38 Đoàn TNTT Vinh Sơn Liêm

Although I was not part of Ban Linh Tinh, my brother was and he asked me to quickly put a flyer together for our Đoàn’s 38th Lễ Bổn Mạng. His only requirements were “Just make one and don’t spend too much time on it.” 

Since I was the person who designed the flyer last year, I was easily able to quickly design the flyer with this year’s Lễ Bổn Mạng’s theme, “Tình Yêu Nguyên Thủy / Original Love.” Like last year, I created the flyer using Canva and used a template. 

Without having any other members of Ban Thường Vụ explain what the main theme was, I automatically knew that the theme was referring to God’s love for us. 

When we think of “love,” we tend to imagine a red heart. I obviously picked out a picture of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus as the background. I chose yellow to be the main color of the flyer this time because it went well with the redness of the Most Sacred Heart. 

Original image I used for the background (Found via Google Images)

The only change I made to the text was combining the Vietnamese and English together instead of repeating them separately. I felt this condensed the message we wanted to convey. 

Compared to last year’s flyer, I definitely spent less time on this design. 


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